If you’re considering moving to Iowa City, you couldn’t pick a better area. The fifth-largest city in the state, Iowa City is home to the beautiful University of Iowa. You’ll also find plenty of shopping, dining, recreation, arts and culture to keep you entertained in Iowa City. The many historic sites, the City Plaza pedestrian mall and a number of summer festivals should be on your agenda.

When you rent with Apartments in Iowa City, you’ll find a variety of housing choices conveniently located close to the university and other attractions. And you’ll find that with the assistance of our professional management staff, your move will go smoothly and hassle-free. Our mission is to provide you with safe, comfortable housing in a friendly environment.

We offer a variety of rental options with an array of amenities and choices of floor plans. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you find the perfect housing solution in the right location for you. Please contact us anytime to discuss your needs.

Q: When does leasing begin?
A: Please click on our Facebook link for dates and deadlines for leasing and renewals.

Q: Does everyone that I am going to live with need to fill out an application?
A: Yes. The only exception is if a roommate is currently living in an AIC Property. In that case, we already have an application on file.

Q: Can two people share a bedroom?
A: Yes. It costs an extra $150 per month for each extra person in your rental unit. For example, if you have 6 people in a four bedroom apartment, you will pay an extra $300 per month. You may not have more than one person if you are only renting a dorm-style room.

Q: How long are your leases?
A: All leases are for one year.

Q: Is subleasing allowed?
A: Yes. If you choose to sublease, you are responsible for finding a new renter. The new renter must fill out a rental application and be approved prior to moving in. There is separate agreement required for all subleases.

Q: How much is the security deposit and when is it due?
A: The security deposit is typically one month’s rent and it is due when you sign your lease. If you are renting a dorm-style room, your deposit is usually two month’s rent.

Q: When is rent due? When is it considered late?
A: Rent is always due on the first day of the month, even if it falls on a holiday or weekend. If you pay your rent after 5:00 p.m. on the third, it is considered late.

Q: Can we write more than one check each month to pay our rent?
A: We prefer that you pay online.

Q: Can we write one check for rent and parking?
A: Yes

Q: If I begin my lease on August 3, when is my first rent payment due?
A: Your August rent must be paid in full in order to receive keys to your unit. The rent is due on August 1, and will be considered late if not received by 5:00 p.m. on August 3.

Q: If I want to have a cat, which properties should I look at?
A: Cats are allowed at the multiple bedroom units on Myrtle Avenue. Except for service animals, at this time we do not allow dogs in any locations.